Project Management

Offering a full Project Management service of defining a clear project programme with deliverables, ensuring all stakeholders operate within this framework and that the project is executed on time.

Construction Project Management

AL&A takes on the role of Principle Agent as stipulated in the JBCC, ensuring that the professional and contracting teams are co-ordinated and aligned.

Statutory Application Management

We drive the statutory approval process from start to finish, managing the professionals and their deliverables as well as liaising with city officials to ensure a successful outcome.

Development Management

We provide the full development management function, from market analysis and scope of development determination to viability studies, statutory approvals, and physical infrastructure roll-out management.

Project Feasibility Studies

We can formulate high-order feasibility studies for a project, identifying the various cost and revenue elements of typical property development projects.

Cloud Based Collaboration

Making use of professional cloud-based collaborative work management platforms, allowing AL&A to collaborate easily with the client, professional team, and relevant stakeholders. It means accurate record keeping of all documentation and communication.

We can unpack the development process for you


Project Management

Our Project Management team ensures that the development vision is realised through bulk services capacity agreements, statutory approval processes, and litigation processes when necessary.

The Project Management team is fully geared to manage the implementation of engineering services projects and estate infrastructure provision.

Construction Project Management

During the construction phase of property development, our Construction Project Management team often takes on the role of Principle Agent as stipulated in the JBCC, ensuring that the professional and contracting teams are co-ordinated and aligned. The independence of the Construction Project Manager and the direct reporting line to the client ensures that the client’s needs are prioritised, and risks are minimised. Our experience includes tourism, retail, and industrial, residential and municipal capital investment projects.

Development Management

Development Consulting entails the conceptualisation of new projects, working closely with the client to consider development variables and opportunities, including land identification, end-user analysis and identification, initiating strategic partnership structures, and pro-active identification of development challenges that need to be overcome during the development process. The team is geared to assist various tiers of government in the development of policy where knowledge of private sector needs and development realities are required.